Payroll 2018-03-11T15:30:04-07:00

Be sure its done right!

I have found that many people prepare payroll, cut the pay cheques and submit payroll remittances to CRA all the while with their fingers crossed!

  • Did you calculate that stat holiday correctly? Did you pay some employees stat when you didn’t have to? Did you pay them too much stat? Do you have to pay managers stat and who is a manager?
  • How much overtime do you have to pay and did you calculate daily and weekly overtime?
  • Are the settings in your payroll software correct for remittances and for WCB?

I will not only complete your payroll but will collaborate with you to ensure your systems of data collection and remittance calculation are correct and as streamlined as possible.

CRA penalties can be severe……have peace of mind knowing it is correct.